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Welcome to the Loans Now Discovery Program for unsecured loans. Now, having worked with over a half million clients the Loans Now Discovery Program has helped people discover lending in a whole new way.

What are the advantages of the Loan Discovery Program?

  • Unsecured Loans – No Payday or Title Loans
  • Our Unsecured Loan terms are 2,3,5, and 7 years
  • No Credit Check Personal Loans*
  • Our Unsecured Loan amounts start at $500 and cap at $70,000
  • Interest rates start at 6.99%
  • Credit scores are evaluated down to 450
  • The process takes less than five minutes
  • The process is free.

Loan Discovery 60 Second Questionnaire

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Additional Information:
The Loans Now Discovery Program was created after we heard from countless clients who were overwhelmed when seeking out unsecured loans. They expressed to us the confusion associated with identifying an unsecured loan quickly and efficiently. We were amazed to see the lack of available and easily accessible personal unsecured loans. Ever since that revelation, we have been on a mission to make obtaining personal loans online as easy as possible. We at Loans Now have listened to our clients and acted to provide you with the best opportunity to obtain personal loans online. Not only have we done that with repeated success, but we have incorporated no credit check personal loans and a bad credit personal loan into our Loan Discovery toolkit.

The Loans Now Discovery program fits an immediate need in the space. It was in our opinion that most of our clients were applying at multiple places over and over and not achieving any success. We asked our clients just what type of personal loan product they were seeking. The majority of the answers we received involved three features. The first was that they were seeking “no credit check loans.” The next feature was that they wanted “unsecured loans” that is to say that they were not seeking out payday or title loans. The final of the three was that with the above mentioned some were seeking a “bad credit personal loan.”

That got us working through the problem. Then we developed the Loans Now platform which works to educate, protect and service our clients in their search for unsecured personal loans. In the education process, we offer explanatory blogs, a debt to income calculator, and a check your credit score feature.

These features combined with the Loans Now Discovery team proved to assist our clients in obtaining the loans the sought after in a faster more efficient manner.

The Loans Now team is dedicated to assisting our clients in the best manner possible. We strive to give our clients the treatment and service that they deserve. If you have any questions please feel free to email the support team. We are a preferred alternative solution for those seeking unsecured loans for 500 credit, unsecured loans for bad credit, unsecured loans for no credit check, and with poor credit.

*Note the support team cannot answer “scenario” questions as that is what the Loan Discovery Process is specifically designed for.

Also remember that Loans Now will never ask you to sign a PDF document, send money in any shape or form and always protects your information. Please do not mail us anything as it will be destroyed immediately.

*Disclosure: Submitting the form above means that you are consenting to be contacted by phone from Loans Now (Angel Oak Solutions).

**Not all clients will qualify Max APR 35% Minimum Term 2 years.

How does the Loans Now Discovery Program achieve such success?

  • Upon your Questionnaire submission, you are assigned a dedicated team member who is understanding of your specific profile and communicates directly with you.
  • Loans Now will never share your information with anyone – this prevents multiple credit pulls, harassing phone calls and multiple emails.
  • Your personal financial status is assessed and all aspects of your situation are taken into consideration.
  • The process is simple, takes only 5 minutes and we never charge a fee ever.

A loan can sometimes be hard to acquire. A bad credit loan might sound even harder but we at Loans Now have simplified that process. We have listened to you and made obtaining a loan online faster and more efficient. If you have good credit, bad credit or anything in between, we have the loan for you. Remember, the program is free (we never charge you a fee ever) and you are not committed in any way.


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